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The rapid development of technology has made all activities practical, easy and fast. Even now everyone can store all the information in digital form. So there is no need to worry and get confused in storing it with physical goods.
Therefore, digitizing information is very important. This is because digital information is easily accessible with the rapid development of technology.
Digital information is usually in the form of audio, text, numbers and visuals. The content of this digital information also varies, covering ideological, social, business, and health issues that are too easy for many people to find.
The process of transforming information is known as digitization. Digitization is taking analog information and encoding it into a binary language. So that the computer can process, store and send information.
However, currently digital information security is very vulnerable to various hidden threats. Various information stored digitally is not always secure due to external threats.
According to Paireds, an Indonesian cyber security company, there are many types of digital security threats today.

List Ancaman Security Information Digital


The first are Ancaman Keamanan Informasi Digital malware. What is malware? Malware is malicious software intentionally designed to harm and destroy computer equipment. Malware can take the form of viruses, spyware, trojans, and ransomware. In the form of ransomware, this malware can encrypt files on the device rendering the device unusable.


Another one to watch hacking is Ancaman Keamanan Informasi Digital. Hacking is done by someone to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a network or system. These hacks are usually done to crack passwords, with the aim of spreading malware and stealing data.

3.Data Leak

Data leakage is also a security threat to digital information. Where stored digital information is leaked due to network or system security breaches, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
This data leak can happen through meet, email, groups, drives or mobile devices. This can be due to dangerous or harmless behavior. Examples include devices that enable public access to groups, mobile devices that have been compromised, attachments in outgoing emails, or drives after various loops.

4.Evil Insider

Another threat that comes from rogue insiders. These malicious insiders may be former employees, employees, business associates, or contractors who have legal or authorized access to a person’s or company’s data systems.
Such access is misused to steal data, destroy systems, or sabotage. This is clearly very dangerous for digital information security.

5.Data Wipe

Deleting this data can lead to the loss of various important digital information owned by an individual or company. This is a dangerous deletion as it makes it very difficult or impossible to recover the deleted data.
For example, the attacker implements ransomware that can encrypt the target data, and the attacker charges a fee for the cryptographic keys that have encrypted the target data.

6.Account Intrusion

This account is intruded by someone who is not an authorized user, but uses the account for the purpose of stealing data, causing harm, one of which is financial loss.
This happens because an unauthenticated user steals the target’s login credentials. The target domain account has been compromised in some way, so that it can be used by the perpetrator to interact with the resource.
A common method used to steal credentials is spear phishing. Where fraudsters send emails that appear to be from businesses or individuals they know and trust.


Phishing is one of the Ancaman Keamanan Informasi Digital. Phishing is a threat made by contacting a target via email, telephone or text claiming to be from a legitimate organization and persuading the victim to provide digital information.
The digital information in question could be in the form of banking details, personal identification and various passwords or passwords that would later be used to access important accounts and commit financial theft.

8.Privilege elevation

The last Ancaman Keamanan Informasi Digital is privilege elevation. This privilege elevation is done by attackers when they get privileges that they shouldn’t have. This can lead to data theft and many other types of damage.


One threat is e-mail header forgery performed by criminals, which makes the message appear to come from an known person. So that victims can see the sender of the email as someone they know or come from a trusted domain.
Spoofing is a tactic used in spam and phishing campaigns. This is because e-mail users usually open messages when they are sure that the message is from a legitimate or official source.
This is the number of Ancaman Keamanan Informasi Digital to see. Hope this works.

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