Event M4 MLBB Lucky Guest (Free Epic Skin) Without Top Up

M4 will be the current implementation of the MLBB tournament, it is planned that the tournament will run from 1 January 2023 to 15 January 2023 with Indonesia as host. Now, in this event M4 MLBB has also distributed many events, the event M4 MLBB will be filled with many attractive prizes.
Montan officially announced the date for the world class event, namely the M4 Championship. The announcement was made directly through a video titled “M4 is Coming Soon“.
In this video, they recap the excitement of events from M1 to M3 that have already happened. And for us the Moonton event provides M4 MLBB with lots of epic skin rewards.

What is Event M4 MLBB Lucky Guest

This world class event is really highly anticipated by the mobile legend game players, where all of them have the right to participate and have the opportunity to get rewards in the form of many epic skins.
The event M4 MLBB that is currently open will have several rewards in the form of epic skins from several heroes, such as Angela (Venom Vespid), Lunox (Ease of Eternity), and Guzon (Soul Revelation).
You can get all the epic skins for free by following and completing several missions given in Event M4 MLBB which we have mentioned above.
If you look at the rewards above, there’s nothing wrong with participating in this event, especially since we don’t need to level up diamonds or buy any items.
All you have to do is go to the official website page of Event M4 MLBB, and link your Mobile Legends account to it. Then you can complete the given mission.

How to get epic skins in Event M4 MLBB

The event is already underway and you can participate in it now, the event M4 MLBB will also have several epic skins that you can exchange for diamonds to get them for free.
Then how do you get rewards in the form of this epic skin? This event is very easy to follow, even though you have to do many missions, these missions are quite easy to do.
Later on if you can complete multiple missions, you are entitled to receive multiple tokens based on the missions completed by you. Now, you can use the token to spin later and if you’re lucky, you’ll get the epic skin you want.
The mission you have to do is just make predictions on as many teams that you think will win the match, and also share the results of your predictions on social media or WA. So here is the full details:

  • Open the game “Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB)“.
  • Next you will be asked to “Login” to your Mobile Legends account.
  • If so, you can “Share” this web page to get the number of “Tokens” you already have.
  • Then you can enter in “Prediction” menu, here you can select as “8 teams” which you think will win the match in group stage.
  • If so, please “Claim Token” which was given.

You can use the tokens you collect to spin in the Draw menu, where you can choose to spin 1x or 5x directly.
If you’re lucky, you can get one of Angela’s epic skins (Venom Vespid), Lunox (Ease of Eternity), or Guson (Soul Revelation) right away. But if you are not lucky then you can get points to exchange for other prizes.
Afterwards you can predict the team from group stage to final, if you manage to guess correctly you will be rewarded with tokens, collect tokens and draw to increase your chances to get epic skins .

Tips for drawing M4 MLBB events to get epic skins

There are special ways or tips so that you can get an epic skins from Event M4 MLBB. You can do this trick when you create tokens with rewards, watch the draw pattern so you can get epic skins for free:

  • First you have to deposit at least “30 tokens” first.
  • Then you can directly draw as much as “5x Spin“.
  • If you have “1x Spin” as much as “7 times“.
  • Then do “Rotate 5x” “3 times” in a row.
  • Now finally “Spin 1x” the rest of the tokens that you have one by one.

You can apply the above method to increase your chances of getting an epic skin, but if it doesn’t work then maybe your account is not lucky. But we are sure that if you follow the above method then 80 percent of you will get epic skin for free.
So this was the complete details about the event M4 MLBB 2022-2023, during the tournament M4 MLBB a lot of interesting things are going to be held in the mobile legends game, so don’t miss this event.

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