How To Get Phones In Flash Sales

Many of you must have tried getting your favorite phones in flash sales but didn’t succeed.

It’s hard – Not impossible to – succeed at booking phones in Flash Sales. Companies do this to create a hype amongst consumers.

For example, They decide to do a Flash Sale on Monday. So, on that day everyone interested in buying the phone will leave all work aside and just focus on Flash Sale.

What’s better for a company to get the attention of consumers without investing money.

The truth is that they even get more sales done due to Flash Sales.

In this in-depth guide, I’m going to show you the step-by-step process that I personally use to get phones during Flipkart Flash Sale. The process is not much hard to do. But it will still be tough as there will be many of you following the same tactics. I will also be sharing in detail how do companies benefit from sales figures.

So let’s get started and know: How to buy mobile in flash sale

Step #1: Understand the concept of Flash Sales

Flash sales have helped companies to grow at a much faster rate than they would have. Companies like Xiaomi and Realme have got success much easier due to Flash Sales.

success image

They have come to understand that Flash Sales are the only way to increase sales. Even Samsung tried to get in Flash Sales through the ‘M SERIES‘.

In Flash Sales companies don’t have to invest much. They also end up saving on inventory costs. They release only a limited amount of stocks in the market in every Flash Sales. This also helps them to be in demand constantly. Free Hype and Marketing is like the cherry on the cake.

So, now you have understood that there are limited stocks, You need to be super-fast getting the product you want.

Step #2: Basic Steps To Follow For Flash Sales

Basic steps to get phone in flash sale

The above image clearly mentions all the basic steps required for Flash Sales. To summarize it is :

  • Select the product you want with variant
  • Check your system time and make it correct if it’s not
  • Be on time and keep your payment and shipping details saved.

Some of the other factors which affect is your Device speed, Internet speed.

So make sure that you are using a fast device with no lag. Also, a great Internet speed as it has a great effect on your probability to get the phone.

Step #3: Using Scripts To Book Phone

Now that you know the basic steps to follow for the ordering of the phone. Let’s move on to some of the advanced steps which may help you in booking phone.

I will try to make the application of the script as easy as possible.

Note: This Script is only for Flipkart Flash Sales

    1. Install the latest version of Python
    2. Don’t forget to tick the “ADD TO PATH” checkbox during installation.
    3. Now open CMD/Terminal and run the following command: pip install selenium configparser colorama (If you get error “pip command not found”, you must have missed Step 2.
    4. Go to ChromeDriver and Download the suitable version lf chromedriver ghat matches your chrome browser version.
    5. Download/Move this driver file to path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application
    6. Download this File named FKAutoBuyV2
    7. Extract the File and you will be available with 2 Files: config.txt/config.ini and Flipkart_Autobuy.exe
    8. Enter the details in the config file like login details, payment details and for shipping details and cod, details check the video below.


All credit of script to – DTricksters

Note: Tap on white space 3-4 times if video not visible to you.

Didn’t understood or seems tough to you? Don’t worry we have other options too.

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Step #4: Using of Chrome Extensions For Flash Sale

If you have some basic idea about running a python file you must have used Step #3 i.e of using scripts.

If you haven’t or don’t have knowledge about that you may try these flash sale extensions which will also increase your chance to get the phone during flash sales. I am attaching some of the flash sale extensions which I have used. I was even successful in booking a handful of phones from Flash Sale.

Extensions Links :

  1. FlashSale Autobuy [Works for both Flipkart and Amazon Flash Sales]
  2. HexCode – Flash Sale Autobuy

Flash Sale Extensions are too easy to use you just have to add it to your browser and follow the steps mentioned on the webpage of chrome extension.

I am sure that you would be able to get the phone from the flash sale.

Step #5: Understanding the Timing of Flash Sales

Flash sale timing

These flash sales are mostly kept on timings like 12 AM, 12 PM.

Make sure that you get all your work done and get free by 11:45. Also, check if shipping details and payment details are saved or not in case of prepaid payment.

Make sure to Start/Run the script or extension by 11:45 itself if everything is saved. As I have personally noticed that Flash Sales sometimes start at 11:50 or 11:57 itself.

Also if you aren’t able to get Phone by 12:00. Don’t stop the script till 12:30 at least as there are high chances that phones come back in stock. And you may get it.

Book Phones in Flash Sale Without PC:

Not having a PC or laptop is also a problem for many of us. For that what you need to is follow the basic steps which are mentioned above.

#Tip: Use App incase of sale in Flipkart and M-Web incase of sale in Amazon

You will have higher chances of getting a phone by following these steps.

I have been asked the question a lot of times that WHY? There are Flash Sales and doesn’t the company makes loss by selling limited pieces of stock.

Getting To Know Why Company Does Flash Sales:

The simplest answer to it is to create a hype amongst customers. Moreover, it has a huge impact on marketing too. Companies are trying to use this tactic of Flash Sales to increase their sales and saving up on promotion costs.

I would like to show you some sales increase and market shareholders in recent times. Before the Xiaomi, Samsung was the biggest market shareholder in India. Xiaomi came and even gave some good phones such as POCO but their key to success was and is: Flash Sales.

Let’s look at figures now from the Top 5 Smartphone Companies:

Top 5 Mobile phone companies sales figures

Source: IDC

We can clearly see the Market Share of Xiaomi is increasing 0.6 increase in market share even with an increase in shipment volumes.

We know that Realme also used the tactic of Flash Sales and Just check at the figures of change ℅ and increase in market share.

It seems Flash Sale’s model proves to be a great success for these companies in India.


It seems that Flash Sales are a WIN-WIN situation for companies. As they are able to cut costs and increase sales.

If you follow some basic steps and use extensions/scripts with it you have more chances to get the phone.

Though there is no absolute that you will get it. As there are thousands of others trying with extensions.

Even many of you guys keep asking Are Flash Sales Fake? The answer is NO! There are a limited amount of stocks but if you aren’t able to get the phone, No worries grab your Hotstar and wait for the next sale.

Try these tricks out do let me know in comments if those worked for you. Have a great day.

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