Ide Konten YouTube useful for beginners HP Capital– Just starting out as a content creator on YouTube, don’t know where to start? See Ide Konten YouTube interesting recommendations in this article.
Tools(跳转扇目) YouTube has become a platform that emerged since 2005. Initially this platform was used for online chat.
Over time, YouTube has become a platform for sharing videos. The title of the first video on YouTube was “I am at the Zoo”.
The first video was only 19 seconds long, uploaded by YouTube co-founder Karim.
Now, YouTube is a platform or place for content creators to upload videos that are interesting to watch.
Not long ago, not many YouTubers used YouTube.
Now, not only common people, people working as YouTubers, but also many public figures have entered the world of YouTube content.
Examples of today’s famous YouTubers from artist circles are Rafi Ahmed, Denny Sumargo, Dedi Corbusier, Vincent Rompiez and Desta, Ruben Onsu and many more.
In addition, other content creators include Jess No Limit, Nessie Judge, Ria SW, Tanboy Kun and many more.
These YouTubers come up with different content ideas and have their own specialties.
Starting from video game content, cooking content, daily content, casual chat and more.
The public’s interest in becoming a YouTuber is not only like making videos, but now YouTube can generate abundant wealth.
But unfortunately, it is not easy to be a YouTuber who creates interesting content ideas for YouTube users to watch.
Some people are confused about what kind of content to start on YouTube.
Don’t worry, Ide Konten will provide YouTube references that you can try to increase your YouTube account subscribers, viewers and likes.

Ide Konten useful and interesting simple for YouTube beginners

In the following, we discuss Ide Konten YouTube news that are interesting and in great demand for beginners with only cellphones. What are the ingredients? Let’s see the explanation below.

  1. Cooking
    You can try this Ide Konten YouTube as new YouTube video content. This culinary stuff will definitely never sink in, as long as people still need to eat, folks.
    In this content, you can provide culinary recommendations or places to eat near where you live. When you visit the culinary venue, you can video the tour, watch the cooking process, until you taste the dish.
    And don’t forget, you’re judging food by your tastebuds.
    The members will definitely help because they have references for new foods to try.
  2. Vlog
    Ide Konten YouTube which are still in great demand are vlogs or video blogging related to daily life of YouTuber. Many of these vlog video content are created and uploaded to social media, especially YouTube and Instagram.
    A person’s daily life with their activities, family, lover, and friends is still an interesting spectacle, you know, dude.
    Some vlog references that you can sample are from other famous YouTubers are Rafi Ahmed, Fadil Zaidi and others.
  3. Product Review
    Product reviews are also one of the most interesting and most sought after by netizens.
    You can create product review video content on Youtube about cosmetics, skincare, fintech, cars, other items.
    This content is very attractive, as it can make it easy for netizens to find out the specifications of the product they want to buy from the product review content.
    You can buy the products which are trending in the society for review.
    Suhay Saleem, a famous YouTuber, often creates video content for beauty product reviews like makeup and skincare.
    In addition, there is the YouTube account Gazetten which has been successful in gaining many subscribers and viewers with mobile product review content.
  4. Tutorial
    The next Ide Konten are youtube tutorials or how to make something. Starting from daily cooking recipes, cake making, craft making, repairing damaged stuff and many more.
    Especially if you are more interested in cooking, sports, machines etc.
    You can try this youtube tutorial content as it attracts a lot of viewers to get new information.
  5. Video Games
    Currently there are many YouTubers who create video game content, one of which is the famous Jess No Limit.
    Nevertheless, you can still create video game content with friends and others.
    To get high and interesting engagement, try games that are played a lot, for example Mobile Legends, Valorant and many more.
  6. Traveling
    If you like to travel to a new place in the region, out of town or abroad, you can take advantage of this by becoming Ide Konten YouTube.
    This material is still in great demand. The audience will be amused when they see your journey traveling abroad, out of town somewhere in the region.
    In addition, viewers who have never been to the places they visited in the video content.
  7. Talkshow or Podcast
    More recently, video talk shows and podcast content have been created by YouTubers, influencers or celebrities.
    You can invite any person who is currently viral or famous to be invited to discuss your talk show or podcast.
  8. Movie Reviews
    Apart from product reviews, there are Ide Konten YouTube movie reviews that you can try to use as content material on your YouTube. Especially if you are someone who really likes to watch movies and dramas.
    With movie reviews, viewers will find some reviews of the movies or dramas they want to watch.
  9. Cooking
    The next ingredient is cooking. It’s not much different from Ide Konten YouTube tutorials, just that you can create content ideas focusing only on cooking.
    Those of you who love to cook can avail the opportunity to turn your cooking activities in the kitchen into a YouTuber.
    This cooking material is a material that is very popular and in great demand especially by mothers and teenage girls who want to know other recipes or are just learning to cook.
  10. Music
    Ide Konten YouTube Music is also very much liked by the users. Usually there are groups of songs grouped in this idea. Starting from the most popular Indonesian pop songs, dangdut songs, foreign pop songs and many more.
    In addition, this video content includes song reviews, cover videos and many more.
  11. DIY
    DIY or Do It Yourself content has become popular on YouTube recently. This material will provide video tutorials on creating something unique out of the box.

If you are a creative person, you can use these content ideas for your personal YouTube.
Thus, the beneficial Ide Konten YouTube recommendations for cellphone capital for beginners 2022 are of most interest and can be tried.

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