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Clash of Clans or COC is one of the popular games played by many people. Now there is also the FHX COC which is a modified version of the original COC. What can be found in the amended application?
Like other game modification applications, this FHX COC has an exciting concept. So many unique features are not available in the original COC version. Therefore, players can feel a different experience while playing the game.
But in fact this FHX COC is not the result of a random modification. The game uses another server whose game concept is designed to be similar to COC. Let’s learn more about FHX COC!

What is FHX COC

FHX COC is the name of a developer or developer who later introduced the COC private server game. So you can say that this is a COC modification made by FHX COC FHX COC.
Some people say that FHX COC is the supercell of COC. So there are really many new things and interesting features that can be found in the production version of FHX COC.
Please note that the COC Mod version is allowed to run as it uses a different server. It is therefore safe to play, and players can enjoy a wide selection of features and a variety of attractive benefits.
Players using FHX COC can enjoy unlimited games. If in the original version players need to work hard to collect gold, elixir and gems, not in this game. Everything can be used infinitely and will not expire.
This modified game provides a truly instant COC playing experience. So all the processes that the COC game went through were abandoned. The resources required by players are abundant, so there is no need to wait and exert too much effort.

game state

Is this FHX COC working so far? The answer is no as it has been officially declared closed and is no longer providing COC mods using other private servers.
An announcement has been made through the official website that it is no longer working and is closed. Even though this game is well liked and the choice of features present in it is also interesting.
But why is FHX COC still roaming the cyberspace? Actually, FHX COC itself has announced its closure. If indeed an application is rolling back, that means there are 3 possibilities.
Firstly, the application is not a real application but a fake one and it usually contains lots of bugs and viruses. In addition, this application may also have an older version, so it is still running, but it can not be played as much as you want because it is limited.
It is also possible that the COC amendments found on the internet have come from some other server. So in fact there are many more COC mods apart from modified FHX COC, which can be played and come from other servers.
The most recommended solution if you want to play COC mod game is to look for another private server. If FHX COC is shut down, there is no harm in looking for other COC private servers with equally good features.

Latest 2023 FHX COC Mod App Features

Let’s see what all the features can be found in this COC mod. It is clear, this modified game definitely offers a variety of unique features that the players can definitely access. Here’s a line of interesting features in question:

  1. There are unlimited resources
    There are COC game resources that are unlimited or unlimited. So players can find and use unlimited amounts of gold, elixir, black elixir and gems. Free to use at any time during the game and also no need to calculate the amount.
    All of these resources can be used to upgrade or create buildings and troops. If in the original version, players had to collect all these resources gradually, then not with this mod version.
    In the basic version, this resource is very valuable and it is somewhat difficult to get it. Players will have to work hard and have extra patience in gathering resources. But not with the COC version, because everything is free and unlimited.
  2. Have Unlimited Troops
    In addition to unlimited resources, this COC mod version also provides unlimited soldiers and can be used at will. This unlimited military facility can help the players to complete a variety of missions.
    In the original COC version of the game, there was a rule limiting the number of army’s capacity. Meanwhile, in this revised version, this rule has been removed. So, players can train platoons with a large number of soldiers.
  3. Buildings can be made at will
    Players can create unlimited buildings through the COC mod feature. So not only is the number of troops unlimited, the building process is just as free.
    Players can build buildings without any restrictions. In fact, players can build dozens of archer towers, catapults, and other types of buildings.
    In general the original COC players were limited in the number of buildings they could build. But not in this revised version as it may exceed the normal amount limit. Now there is no need to be confused about which building to build first.
  4. Unlock All Skins
    Another interesting feature of this COC modification is that all skin options can be unlocked. So for the basic version, not all skins are open. There are a number of skins that are exclusive and must be purchased using a Gold Pass.
    Through the COC mod, players can get a variety of skins for free. So there is no need to buy gems or spend a lot of capital. Everything is freely accessible, and adds to the excitement of the game.
  5. Clan features available
    Another advantage offered by this COC mod is that it features a clan which makes the game more exciting. Through this clan feature, players can create their own clan and then join it just like in the original COC game.
    It’s just that there really is no limit to creating a clan through the COC Mod Edition. So players are free to choose what kind of clan to create and which clan to join.

Download FHX COC Mod 2023 for free and how to install it

Interested in trying out COC through this modified version? Because FHX COC is locked, the other option is to use another COC mod server. But it doesn’t matter if you want to use COC mod from old version of FHX.

If it is downloaded, the user can directly install the application through the file manager. Don’t forget to activate the installation feature from unknown sources first, so that it can be installed.
FHX COC is really a lot of fun to play as there are many options of interesting features that are not there in the original version. But since it’s closed, there’s no harm in trying out the COC mod from a different server.

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