What’s New Feature for Instagram Notes (How to Use)

edupdf.in(文字香校)- Instagram has recently released a new feature called Instagram Notes, which was just announced but this feature has been able to grab the attention of the public. The function of this feature is also different from Instagram Stories which display photos or videos from users to share with other users. News What are the benefits of the Instagram Notes feature? Check out our article till the end.
As of now, many other social media are competing to release their latest features. Given this, Instagram as a social media pioneer doesn’t want to be outdone by its competitors, which is currently where Meta, as the official owner of Instagram, is releasing new features that all users can enjoy.

Learn about new features Instagram Notes What it’s for

Instagram users can now use alternative features to share what they’re feeling, via the official meta they launched the Notes feature, which is very similar to the old BBM Story feature.
You can use this feature to type to your heart’s content and it can only be seen or read by friends or closest people you follow. Unlike the IG Story feature, which can add videos and images, this feature will only display text.
You can check this feature on DM page from your Instagram account and the text done by you or your friends will disappear for 24 hours and it can be filled only up to 60 characters. This feature has been released so that users have other options to express their feelings.
In addition, its usage, which many people think is much lighter than that of uploading photos or videos first. As the name suggests, Notes, which means Notes is a text that will appear on top of your profile picture when other users view it.
When you view your friend’s notes, you can also click on your friend’s profile picture to have a direct conversation. Afterwards your conversation will be immediately moved to the Instagram DM section.
Many people think that this feature is very similar to Story BBM in the past, which makes them feel nostalgic and go back in time when using BBM.
This feature is also considered to be a very private feature where only you and the friends who follow your Instagram account can see the notes you share, so if one of you doesn’t follow or followers If not created, the notes will not be read.
What do you think, is this new Instagram feature very useful or is it the opposite? In our opinion, this feature is great for expressing what you’re feeling without the need to upload photos or videos.
We also think this feature will be used more often in the future because of how easy it is to share feelings. So, if you are interested, you can try it directly, but don’t forget to update your Instagram application first.

How to use the missing new features Instagram Notes

As we mentioned above, the latest Instagram feature is very simple and easy to use as compared to the Insta Story feature which requires you to upload a photo or video first.
If you don’t know how to use this new feature of Instagram, you can listen to the steps to create Notes Instagram which we have summarized below.
First of all you should check for “Update” of Instagram app.
If your application has “Update” then you have to update it first, but if not then you can go to the next step.
Next, all you have to do is open the “Instagram” application and click on the “DM or Direct Message” section.
The next step that you have to do is to click on “My Notes”.
Now if you have, you just need to enter “Text & Emoji” which you want “Maximum 60 Characters”.
Next you need to choose whether the post is shared with “All Friends” or “Selected Friends” only.
If you have completed the last step, just click on the “Submit” button.
If you have done the above steps correctly, then congratulations, you have successfully used the Notes feature. So, if you see your friend’s notes, don’t hesitate to reply to the notes.
All the information we got from the official meta page as the legal owner of the Instagram application, if you like this feature, don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can find out and know how to use this new Instagram How to feature

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